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Chriss Sutherland (Cerberus Shoal/Fire on Fire) Download mp3 | Stream mp3
Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Threads 'Maine man' (ha!) Chriss Sutherland phones it in from his parents' home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Chriss's voice, plus the nice combined effect of calling from a bathroom, will give you warm chills.

Brad over at Foxy D sez':

"Many people might not be directly familiar with the name Chriss Sutherland, but most know Cerberus Shoal, of which Sutherland is a founding member. 'Me in a Field' marks his solo debut and shows why Cerberus Shoal is so revered. He's also a current member of Fire on Fire, who will release their debut on Michael Gira's Young God label. Here, Sutherland presents simple, wonderfully crafted songs in their barest form, but backed by the same heart that has made his previous efforts so great."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 12/27/2007


Fadin' Out
El Calor De La Noche
Pretenders [Asian Mae (Colleen Kinsella)]


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