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"Unpolished versions of polished versions of weird, beautiful, unpolished songs."

Former Capozzi Park bandmates Marcy Emery (also of the Choir Practice) and Mark Szabo (previously of the Good Horsey) phone it in from Vancouver, BC.

Szabo, an unsung legend in Vancouver from the early days of hometaping, counts among his admirers John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, Dan Bejar of Destroyer and the New Pornographers, and Franklin Bruno, who wrote the liner notes of the 'The Szabo Songbook'.

For that album, recorded under the name Heartbreak Scene, Marcy Emery assembled a crack team of Canadian luminaries to bring Mark's songs to light for the masses, including Bejar, John Collins (Tegan & Sarah producer, and producer/member of the New Pornos), Mike Ledwidge (Zumpano), Pete Bourne (who's played with Neko Case and AC Newman), and Mark Kleiner (The Sister Lovers, Jungle).

So for this session is Marcy accompanying Mark on his songs? Or is Mark accompanying Marcy on her covers of his songs? Ultimately it doesn't matter. The songs speak for themselves, and the results hearken back to the glory days of early 90s cassette culture. So stop reading and listen already!

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 11/15/2007


Ugly People
Since The Arrest
I Belong To Everyone


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