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Colin Clary, the Charming Smitten and man of a million other great projects (Colin Clary & the Magogs; Let's Whisper; Part-Time Losers; The Magic Is Gone; My First Days on Junk; Madelines; the Four Color Manual; Brian, Colin & Vince; etc., etc., etc.), phones it in from Burlington, VT. The nicest guy you'll ever meet ("Being nice is a political act."), Colin writes songs like other people write their names. He also has this one great sweater (well, he probably has more), can grow a mean beard, went to school with Ted Leo, and roadied for Chisel. But that's neither here nor there. Simply put, the Colin's a genius. Pure pop heaven. As the man himself sez', "Yow!"

Nadav Carmel, BSR 05/03/2005


My Demo Of The Week 2010
Pupils Into Stars
Sweet Boy
The Whole Weekend To Go
Some Of My Favorite People Are Consigners
How Many Times?
Friendly Fire
Golden Seal
The Williamsburg Of Washington, DC
Tender Circles [Let's Whisper]
My Favorite Dream [The Smittens]
Of The Stars
Her Heart Ain't A Fist

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