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Ross Cowman, Micah Ellison, and Danielle Chiero phone it in from the Cake Shop in Manhattan, NY, before playing a show with last week's guest, Miwa Gemini.

June Madrona (actually from Olympia, WA, not Portland, OR, as I mistakenly claim)'s joyous songs explore themes of family and place; they include flute and melodica; and at least two of them mention football.

Sez' Ross, who also runs the awesome Bicycle Records:

"June Madrona is the name of a musical project based on songs I’ve written with topics ranging from mental illness, gender standards, and male privilege, to the celebration of relationships and place. I feel that bringing these stories into a public space promotes healing and overcomes the isolation and silence on which oppression depends."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 11/08/2007


The Football Dream
Grandpaw Frank
California Highways
Long Distance


June Madrona on MySpace June Madrona at Bicycle Records
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