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Miwa Gemini phones it in from her kitchen in NYC, NY. Equal parts dirty rockabilly, broken blues, and strange, winsome folk, the phone seems to be the perfect medium for her songs, which don't sound tied to any time or place.

Sez' she:

"Miwa is a daughter of a fisherman who grew up in a tiny island off of mainland Japan, which by the way, is already a tiny island itself. The ocean and the moon taught her how to sing and play the guitar. Hence, her voice resembles the wind and her melody is kaleidoscopic. Her rather magical presence has been compared to everybody from Patsy Cline to Janis Joplin to Bjork. Miwa knows jolly well who she is and that's why her music is indisputably her own."

And if you don't get a sense of her many charms over the phone, just go see her live and watch her quiet a room full of tipsy revelers with a sing along of 'Que Sera Sera'. And if that doesn't do it, well, you must just have a heart of stone.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 11/01/2007


Forgetful Ocean
Room Of You
Charlie Chaplin Broke My Heart
Forever For Never
Stuck Between Seasons

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