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Tape Mountain head honcho Jacob Anderson (also of Gang Wizard, Yuma Nora, Speechless Brothers, the Minor Thirds, Natural Bridges, Minmae, Bronwyn, Yak Brigade, Yak Ampersand, Meringue (PA), luv(sic), and about a trillion other bands, whew) phones it in from Portland, OR. Jake combines/shamelessly rips off the best bits of "indie-pop, ethnoforgery-folk, skronk-noise, delay-pedal-workout-drone, universal-rock, language-master-abuse, suburban-garage-punk, four-track-manipulation, etc.", creating a glorious, lumbering Frankenstein of improv noise-pop.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 04/13/2005


Hall Blvd.
Leftward Glance
Spirit Duplicator
Your Gold Record Will Look Nice In Your Fallout Shelter
Sac City


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