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Lonesome John Roundcity and Dooley Wilson (of Henry & June, Boogaloosa Prayer, and Legend of The Drunken Monkey) phone it in for a staggering hour-and-a-half from a bathroom in Maumee, OH, with some of the sickest blues in the living world. Bottleneck slide and corn whiskey sound completely appropriate over the telephone. Pure, unhinged WTF?!

Carrie Hadler, BSR 10/05/2006


Step It Up And Go [traditional]
Long Distance Call [Muddy Waters]
John Henry [traditional]
Hard Time Blues [Francis Scrapper Blackwell]
Boll Weevil [Leadbelly]
Empire State Express [Son House] >
Death Letter Blues [Son House] >
Empire State Express [Son House]
Packin' Trunk [Leadbelly]
Ten Feet Of Blues [John Roundcity]
Harmonica Solo [Dooley Wilson]
My Babe [Willie Dixon]
Grinnin' In Your Face [Son House]
My Little Brussel Sprout [Dooley Wilson]
Levee Camp Moan [Son House]
Got To Die In A Mean Ol' World [John Roundcity]


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