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Phoning It In kicks off a new first in fine fashion with author Josh Kilmer-Purcell phoning in an excerpt from his memoir 'I Am Not Myself These Days' from NYC, NY. Here's the quick and dirty summary: drag queens + goldfish + booze + crack + male escorts + day job. Interview afterwards.

"It's your typical boy-dressed-as-girl-meets-crack-head-male-s/m-escort story. It recounts my first year in New York as I worked during the day as an advertising Jr. Art Director, and at night as a 7'2" drag queen named 'AquaDisiac' ('Aqua' for short.) Yeah, I know... it doesn't sound like your type of book. Fine then. Let's throw in my first boyfriend, 'Jack', who moved me into his brilliant white penthouse where he routinely humiliated and tortured his myriad of escorting clients. That is, when he wasn't on a crack binge. Still not interested? I could go on about how its a universal love story with a clash of egos and alter egos that only the young and foolish could survive (if only barely). But if you don't wanna hear about it, you don't wanna hear about it. What can I do? You're probably Baptist or something."

Carrie Hadler, BSR 06/01/2006


[Excerpt from 'I Am Not Myself These Days']

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