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Urban legends Bill Taft (formerly of Smoke, the Jody Grind, Opal Foxx Quartet, Chowder Shouters, Kick Me, and Hubcap Pretty), Matthew Proctor (Crimson Beauregard), Will Fratesi (Smoke, Cat Power, Front Street, and the Go Devils), Kat Hairston, and Terry Boling phone it in from Atlanta, GA. Unhinged.

"In between and underneath Atlanta's rapidly gentrifying cityscape lies the withering remains of a much older Southern city. In this sagging post-urban panorama is where Hubcap City (From Belgium) finds refuge. Since 2000, the rickety outfit has drawn inspiration from its surroundings, fashioning desolate and deranged junkyard folk songs. Taft's unwavering voice mixes with a percussive rattle pounded out on large bits of found metal debris from loosely tuned steel strings to a metal I-beam. All of these elements add force to Taft's apocalyptically Dylan-esque laments."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 09/07/2006


Typewriter Tattoos
Lucky Old Son
Carson, I Was Wrong
Instrumental Inspired By A Claw Hammer
Some Days I'm The Windshield (Most Days I'm The Bug)
Parts In Labor
Jacob's Ladder
Hurrah, Hurrah


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