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Occasional Wooden Wand collaborator Eddie Berrigan phones it in from Brooklyn, NY. A NYC poetry scene veteran (and son of poet Ted Berrigan), it's Eddie's deep and innate understanding of poetics that elevates his songs above the good-looking-dude-with-a-guitar level and into the fantastic. His lyrics are evocative but completely unpredictable, without ever being absurd, and musically he never quite settles in a familiar place. Listening to I Feel Tractor is like doing a double take while listening to an old 78, like rediscovering the possibilities of folk music.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 05/24/2007


Caught In Leagues
North Dakota
Distance Is Free
Human Ornithology
Warming Up The Joke
Oligarch Or Patriarch?
Chuckin' Chitos


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