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Olympia, WA's Bob Schwenkler & Jenny Jenkins (of the much beloved SuperDuo and Encyclopedia of Fun) phone it in from Sacramento, CA, while on the Bicycle Records Road Show. From the sound of their voices in the storm, you'd never know that they were on a dock on the river in the Old City, with the heat at 100 degrees. Despite the cel phone reception, the songs come through beautifully- pop songs great and small. Ross Cowman (June Madrona) holds the phone.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 08/16/2007


Bob Schwenkler - Today
Bob Schwenkler - Untitled (Song For Ava)
Bob Schwenkler - Some Sinatra [The Secret Stars]
Jenny Jenkins - Roman Spark Blues
Jenny Jenkins - Robot Affair
Jenny Jenkins - Sometimes I Sleep With Evil


Bob at Bicycle Records Bob on MySpace Jenny at Bicycle Records Jenny on MySpace June Madrona on Phoning It In
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