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Singing lawyer, playwright, antifolker, and Sidewalk Cafe regular Peter Dizozza phones it in from the Lambs in Manhattan, NY. This one also took three years of correspondence, and it's totally worth it.

"Intensely neurotic, insanely talented, Peter's Queens-geek lawyer persona completely disappears when he sits down at the piano and grinds out some of the most twistedly sexy show tunes this side of Sondheim. His antifolk musicals, 'Prepare To Meet Your Maker', 'The Last Dodo', and 'The Eleventh Hour' have featured performances from such antifolk as Jeff Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Cockroach, Toby Goodshank, Grey Revell, Tom Warnick, and Tony Hightower. In addition, Peter can also be seen gigging frequently both solo and with his band."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 09/06/2007


Hold On [From 'TentagatneT']
Mole King Song [From 'Hermaphroditism Through the Ages']
Only For A While [From 'Hermaphroditism Through the Ages']
A Killing On Broadway
While You Were Out [From 'Hermaphroditism Through the Ages']
Your Doctor Is In


Peter's website, Cinema VII Peter at Olive Juice Music Peter on MySpace Peter at Antifolk Online
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