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Aaron Russell (formerly of Deerhoof, THETEETHE, and Nashville's legendary Cherry Blossoms), Nick Hennies (dog enthusiast and sometimes Jandek, Castanets, and Xiu Xiu percussionist), and Sandy Ewen (also of the duo Spiderwebs with Charalambides' Tom Carter) phone it in from Austin, TX. Stripped naked, full of body, spiritually fulfilling, and foot-tappingly catchy, living and breathing, eerie and lovely, hopeful and surreal. With the Weird Weeds' collective pedigree, how could this be anything other than great?

Carrie Hadler, BSR 10/15/2005


In Your Arms
One-Eyed Cloud
Paratrooper Seed
Fifty Dollars
Nose To The Wind
For You To See Me
Hold Me/Popcorn Trees
Cold Medicine
Broken Arm

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