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"Furtips, the band that plays songs which contain guitars, singing, drums, and keyboards and some more...maybe."

Dutch lo-fi legends Camille Courbois, Jane Pol, Melissa, Beetle Sonique, and Chief Wasdatwatphone phone it in all the way from the De Grote Broek in Nijmegen, Holland, and it sounds amazing. A little messy, a little tight; a little quiet, a little loud; a little pop, a little rock. Hell, just right- think Pavement, Marmoset, Huon, etc. We love Furtips!

Carrie Hadler, BSR 10/09/2005


Small Dog Fan
Hot Stuff Pahahahark
Selection Kat
Satellite Me Stein
Run Baby Run
Das Schloss
Diving Bell

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