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Wesley Bunch (formerly Fecal Food) phones it in from Virginia Beach, VA, with some original songs, a Nirvana cover, and a banjo. What more could you want?

Sez' Peter and the Wolf's Red Hunter:

"When I first heard Wesley Bunch's music I thought the souls of all the Shaggs must've possessed this kid and made him sing about whatever the devil thought would be funny. Blue socks, chicken wire, God turning the ocean into tea... Usually when someone writes lyrics like that, they're nearing middle age and giving mescaline one last try to make sure they didn't miss any last enlightenments. But in this case, Wes is apparently just a bright kid writing songs about whatever he feels like, which is pretty rare and worth looking into."

Carrie Hadler, BSR 10/01/2005


I Am The Locus
Rocking Chair In My Hair
Big Trucks
The Ocean Is Tea
Chicken Wire
Polly [Nirvana]
Song With Banjo


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