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Mike Downey (Wolfie/The National Splits) Download mp3 | Stream mp3
Mike Downey- formerly of much loved pop bands Wolfie, the National Splits, the New Constitution, and Mathlete- phones his heart out from the edge of his bed in Chicago, IL, just prior to releasing his solo debut. Similar to Mac McCaughan's Portastatic, Mike's solo performance combines the crafty lyricism and catchiness of any of his prior bands with more pressing real-life concerns and emotions. Not to make it sound like a downer or anything- it's also a lot of fun. Listen in, you won't be sorry!

Nadav Carmel, BSR 08/10/2005


Judge On The Horn
Flame Out Flyboy
Seizure To A Strobe
Fancy Forest
Iron Woman [Devin Davis]
Oh Randomness
Rats Were Comrades

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