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Chris Piuma, Charlotte Wells, Jake Anderson and Chris Calvert phone it in from Portland, OR. They may have once described themselves as a 'writerly' band, so picture a bunch of drunk grad students singing karaoke to Mountain Goats songs. Anyway, one of my faves. Yes, faves.

"The Minor Thirds are sweet and sour sauce. They are agitated and relaxed, confident and insecure, weary and excited to see you. Their smile shines, like a knife. They are ambitious homebodies. They invite you in for tea and ask you personal questions that nearly make you cry. Should you laugh at their jokes? Was that even a joke? Nearly."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 07/20/2005


The Angel's Revenge
Just Once
(Please Won't You Be My) Pitstop
The Initiative
The Thousand Nights And One Night

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