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Jon Middleton (Growth Spert, Xander Smith Theme Park), Andy Stone (Beaver Fever, Xander Smith Theme Park), Raley J (Hellcake, Beaver Fever, Xander Smith Theme Park), and Christopher Willett of Steal and Break Records phone it in from Jonesboro (aka Jonesboogie), AR. Painfully awkward warbling and pure, uninhibited joy.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 07/16/2005


Xander Smith Theme Park - Middletopia
Growth Spert - From The Homefront
Chris Willett - Ore-Ida Potatoes
Hellcake - I'm A Monster
Growth Spert - Immature Shit
Chris Willett - Dig A Dog A Bone
Beaver Fever - Casiotone Puttin' You On
Growth Spert - Cheer Up
Growth Spert - Snotnose


The 8088 Record Collective Growth Spert on MySpace Hellcake on MySpace Beaver Fever on MySpace
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