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Frank Morey phones it in from Somerville, MA. Gravelly-voiced modern folk music from an artist who has an obvious appreciation for the old-timers (in this case Tom Waits, Howlin' Wolf, etc.) but is no carbon copy. If anything, he's a rough-hewn facsimile, the scratchy, unlabeled cassette you reverently listen to while you drink.

"Singer-songwriter Frank Morey has never been accused of having a sweet, pretty, angelic sort of voice. The Lowell, MA, native is known for a rough, rugged, throaty style of singing, and his voice is perfect for his very earthy, blues-minded folk-rock. Morey's expressive vocals are as gritty as they are soulful."

Carrie Hadler, BSR 07/14/2005


Baby, Don't Leave A Light On
Jesus Says
Darkside Of The Road
I Know (The Woman's Goin' To Break My Heart)
This Ol' Life (Seems To Be Taking Forever)

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