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Wanderers Dan Beckman, Matt Beckman (aka Etwan
Sherlew), and Amy Moon OS phone it in from MARS in Missoula, MT. Members of Impractical Cockpit and Uke of Spaces Corners County play ramshackle, howling, and fun gutter country.

"An awesome mix of weird, in-between-world anthems and Dylan-esque folk songs, an epic soundtrack to have tea to, and not to mention a Sun Ra cover. A diverse stock of weird folk pluckings and cluckings, all strewn with the bubbles of a river and the howls of wind through a corn field."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 07/11/2005


Coals Song
The Ballad Of The Irish Channel
Outer Spaceways Incorporated [Sun Ra]
Let's Go!
In Between
This Old World
Rat Faced Paul
Crow Song
State Of The Union Address Part Two


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