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Jacob Smigel and Alethia Unna (also both of Las Vegas Club) phone it in from Las Vegas, NV. Post-folk, romantic, beatific bedroom pop songs about animal diseases, idioms, memory, and working as an EMT, plus two excerpts from Jacob's found sound compilation, 'Eavesdrop'. But no matter what the topic, you can bet that every one of these magic gems is engaging, passionate (delivered with gusto!), strongly evocative, and catchy as all get out. This was recorded before the release of Jacob's magnum opus, 'New Mexico', so only the song 'Broken Record' is from that album. Currently Jacob is in med school in Phoenix, AZ, and Alethia plays in the Objex.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 07/03/2005


Body English
Belly Rent
Hamburger Hamlet
Nasty Nancy
Broken Record
Call 911!!
The Sniper [Las Vegas Club] [cut off]

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