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Totally nice guy Brian Hildebrand phones it in from Montreal, QC.

Damn if it hasn't been a great coupla years for drummers stepping out from behind the kit; cf. the Intelligence, Lover!, Ty Segall, the Stoned Ambassadors, and now Primitive Hands. And what is it in the water in Montral, anyway? BBQ, Skip Jensen, countless others. Brian's put his primitive hands to work drumming with some of those folks- the Demon's Claws, Mind Controls, Chocolat, the Confusers, probably more- but PH is his own damn thing, a raw and dissonant stab at unplugged, unglued, unstoppable garage stomp.

Tic Tac Totally sez':

"Completely unaware of itself in the best way, it has pounds of grit squeezed from a light-weight guitar and snare aesthetic. No tricks, no smoke, no mirrors, well...smoke, but just minimalist blues-based rock'n'roll for the most discerning primitive palette!"

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 01/17/2010


I Lied
I'll Die Alone
Split Mind


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