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David Bazan (Pedro The Lion, Headphones, his own damn self) phones it in from the Undertow Music Collective office in Champaign, IL. Much has been made of David's faith as communicated in his music, by writers better than I, so I'll largely gloss over it here. His lyrics reveal a constant questioning and searching, stark honesty in the face of doubt, hope in the face of overwhelming odds. Add to that his world-weary voice (like he was run over by a truck), delicate playing, and some warm phone static, and the results are powerful. Wherever this man gets the strength to keep going, let's be glad he does; whether you find him iconoclastic or simply idiosyncratic, there's no one else like David Bazan.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/08/2009


Hard To Be
Curse Your Branches
Bearing Witness
The Stitches
Options [Pedro The Lion]

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